Custom Water Features

Our Custom Water Features

Have an Idea for a Showcase Water Feature That You Want Installed? We Can Help! We can bring waterscape ideas to life!
Install a Custom Water Feature From Naturescapes Design and add Dramatic Presence To Your Outdoor Living Area. The bubbling sounds of a custom water feature in your own back yard is a great way to add a focal point and drama to your outdoor living space.
Naturescapes Design of Canton, Ohio

Waterscapes, Water Gardens, & Custom Water Features

Few features can bring the combination of drama and peaceful tranquility to a garden or entertaining area in the same manner as a custom water feature.
We can design and install a water feature for your outdoor space.
Our landscaping professionals can build a custom water garden that includes the natural materials of your choice and is accented with plantings that bring the space to life. Let our team at Naturescapes Design bring inspiration to your outdoor space. Whether you are looking for a bold waterfall, a subtle bubbling brook by your garden, or a tranquil fish pond, we have the skills to handle your project. 
Be sure to stick with a professional landscaper with the experience to implement your vision!

Landscaping Focal Point

Installing an outdoor water feature is a great way to designate a clear focal point in your space. Additionally, the features bring an organic element to your outdoor living area that your guests will love.

Water features are rapidly becoming one of the most popular requests we see. Their dynamic nature will help turn heads while bringing an enhanced sense of calm to your space. Their soothing sounds make them an elegant addition and a dramatic focal point.

We have worked with countless property owners over the years to install custom water features.

Accessorize Your Architecture

The addition of a moving water feature to your existing landscape is a great way to enhance your overall architecture.
We can transform your property through the installation of our custom water features. Take your property to the next level by extending the architecture into your softscape.  The result is a focal point that gets people talking.
Whether you are looking to combine traditional landscaping elements for a new and dramatic look or integrate a new feature into your existing landscape, our designers and installation professionals are here to help.